Hi! I am Ayesha

Welcome to my adventure travel blog

I am Ayesha Khushboo, Engineer by Profession, Calligrapher by Soul and Writer by Blood. Travel is a drug that keeps me alive but like Coid-I9, I am literally in lack of this holistic drug right now. Though, I can’t be to those places right now but what if I get there one day? What if the clock turn my fate according to mine will? What if one day I get my jet and be to those places I have been dreaming like toddler? In that case, I must have to be well prepared with complete knowledge about the fable tales of folks. Being blessed with the best skills of digging down history while spying in the incubator of time with my novel knowledge, I am ready to drink every sip of fable tales of love, care, gratitude, affection, solitude, bonhomie and dedication by fulfilling the criteria’s of does and doesn’t. Starting from the centre of world, Istanbul, to the dark forests of Africa, Niagara Falls to the land of rising sun Japan, I am starting my digital journey from small city of Pakistan.

Boxing my self in the piles of domains, I define myself as;

My master is Muhammad (PBUH)
My guide is Quran
My path is of Islam
My love mentor is Rumi
With golden Star of Shams

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Frequently Ask Question

1. How can I afford to travel so often?

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2. How Do You Get Your House Sitting Stays?

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3. Have you ever been in danger? 

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4. Did you buy an around the world ticket?

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