Ayesha Khushboo

Hye! I am Ayesha, Engineer by profession, Calligrapher by soul and Writer by blood. Travel is the drug that keeps me alive and I love to write about the places where I never have been but what if I got to plane? What if the clock turns my fate according to mine? What if one day I make up to those places? In that case, I must be well prepared to know much about those places so that I may dig deep in history with my smart knowledge. While let me tell you about my primacies before you start your smart journey with me; My Master is Muhammad My Guide is Quran My path is of Islam My love mentor is Rumi The golden star is Shams Starting from the centre of world “Istanbul” to the end of Africa, from Niagara Falls to the land of sunrise Japan, I will take my smart journey from a small city of Pakistan to the end of world Norway. Let’s start our journey Around the Globe.

The wandering HER

The wandering HER; A nomadic tale

Sometimes, we all strive for freedom in spite our hearts as broken as the desert house. Bantering at the corners of our shattered confidence, we all struggle for a courageous heart that can console the broken-dead’s even for a second. A whole new journey that left souls to fall apart either, or can change them …

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Söğüt- a small town who raised Ottoman Empire in its cradle

As the Turkish series, Resurrection Ertuğrul is trending in Pakistan now days, from children to teenager and middle aged to old aged; folks are searching to know more and more about Islamic Hero Ertuğrul Gazi. Suleiman Shah’s Son Ertuğrul has this honour to cast a heroic history with his daring decisions, courageous steps and competitive …

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Tickets are free now but with Ablution

From a built up church to to Conquered Mosque, defeated into a Museum and again penning glamorous shot into Mosque, Hagia Sophia is one of most complex yet beautiful architect of all times. Recognised as the second most visited spot of Turkey with more than 3.3 million visitors annually, this holy place casts its own …

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