Tickets are free now but with Ablution

From a built up church to to Conquered Mosque, defeated into a Museum and again penning glamorous shot into Mosque, Hagia Sophia is one of most complex yet beautiful architect of all times. Recognised as the second most visited spot of Turkey with more than 3.3 million visitors annually, this holy place casts its own soulful antiquity with multi-regional and religious values and heritage. Originally constructed as Christian basilica about 1500 years ago by Byzantine Emperor has served as both landmark for Orthodox Christians and later for Muslims. 

Being located in a doped cosmopolitan city Istanbul, linker of two continents, Hagia Sophia has changed several times in centuries since. This revolutionary building was first stand upon woods, later fired to ground in 404 A.D penning the curse of the then Royal Politician’s. Later in 415, for the second time, Hagia Sophia with monumental entrances covered with wooden roof was constructed with a life period of one quarter century. As always, every royal revolt is compensated with poor infrastructural destruction, thus Hagia Sophia was doomed for the second time holding position as basilica of the Greek Orthodox faith.

For the third time, it was built in 537 A.D and is remained standing till today. The infrastructure was designed with intention to will epitomise the greatest basilica of Byzantine even after centuries and it did same until the conquer of Constantinople, by Sultan Mehmed Fatih. As Islam was the central religion and backbone of Ottoman Empire, Hagia Sophia was renovated into Mosque eliminating Orthodox-themed mosaics with Islamic calligraphy.

The medallions hung on the columns in the nave, feature the names of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, the first four Caliphs, and the Prophet’s two grandsons and it went through multi-purpose productive infra operation in the regions of different Sultans of Ottoman Empire. But again, the fatal faith attacked this magnificent holy place. With the arrival of modern Turkey reforms by Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk, Hagia Sophia status was changed into Museum.

After almost 8.5 decades, Almighty has listened to the prayer of Muslim community with on Blessed Friday of July 10, 2020, Hagia Sophia is again converted into Mosque and open for all prayers. On Friday 10 July, 2020, Years later, when Adan echoed from Hagia Sophia Mosque, it gave every Muslim Goosebumps with a reminder of Ottoman Dynasty highlighting the golden era of Suleiman, the magnificent, and Mehmed, the Fatih. Although, this place is converted into mosque but tickets are free with ablution for everyone.

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